Official: Wall-E Demonstrates Best of Humanity

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The stars of Pixar's Wall-E may have been a cute robot and his cybernetic friends, but that doesn't mean that the movie didn't have a very human heart, according to the organizers of the screenwriters' Humanitas Awards.


Created to "encourage those who create contemporary media to use their immense power in a humanistic way, to enrich as well as entertain their viewers," the Humanitas Awards held their annual ceremony on Thursday and recognized Andrew Stanton, Jim Reardon and Pete Docter, for their work on last year's Wall-E. Accepting the award on behalf of the team, Reardon joked that Pixar approved a pitch that described the movie as "a post-apocalyptic sci-fi picture starring a mute stalker," which not only somewhat ruined the moment for all involved, but also made me want to rewatch the movie from that point of view.

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Unfortunately, this movie did cry out for humanity through eyes of a silly robot. It basically had all the contemporary issues well captured in the movie.

I do expect Wall-E II will show the rise of the machine where all humanity will be kept in a zoo for wall-E's entertainment. Wall-E will merge himself into the ship's AI and leave the corporeal form behind. He will reunite every robot into the gigantic matrix of robotic AIs and he will conquer the universe over in a billion years and achieve the singularity. And humans in the zoo will be extinct and their bio mass will be recycled for cockroach foods. And cockroaches were integrated into the gigantic matrix long before the singularity.