Official Star Wars Photocopy Paper Is the Perfect Collectible for Insane People

Mark this day in your calendars, because today is the day you start demanding more from your bulk copy paper than just a bright white finish.


Thanks to the generous licensors working at Disney and Lucasfilm, the next time you step into your office’s supply closet, your eyes won’t be assaulted by the sight of generic brown boxes full of paper. Instead, your corneas will be given a visual shiatsu massage courtesy of classic Star Wars movie poster artwork stacked high to the ceiling.

It sounds preposterous, but to be fair, if you head on over to your local office supply store a generic box of copy paper—5,000 sheets of paper—will run you about $50. Quill will sell you the exact same thing for just $40, and its paper comes wrapped in fantastic Star Wars designs and retro artwork from A New Hope. So this is actually sort of a deal

Quill realizes that you might have a hard time convincing your office manager to switch over to its new Star Wars copy paper, which will officially be available starting on Monday, November 21. So to help convince your co-workers, Quill points out that each box can be turned into a magnificent work of art by simply hanging the lid on a wall. Say goodbye to that print of Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, and say hello to a genuine(ish) piece of Star Wars memorabilia hanging in your office! You’ll be the talk of your office, for sure!


Wait, there’s more? Of course there is. Once you’ve used up all 5,000 sheets of paper, you can turn the box into fun Star Wars-themed storage. It’s the perfect place to stash Death Star plans, or an old lightsaber you don’t want falling into the wrong hands. It’s also all but impossible to feel bad about being fired from your job while you’re escorted out of the office carrying all of your belongings in a cardboard box covered in Star Wars characters.


Starting Monday, your Christmas shopping will already be done.



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