When Legend of Korra came to a close, our sadness was tinged with the delight of confirmation that Korra and Asami were now officially a couple. Unfortunately, we've not had any official adventures for the two since — until this beautiful bit of art from Korra-co-creator Brian Konietzko appeared, that is!

Konietzko drew the piece, titled "Turtle-duck Date Night", for a new Korra and Avatar-themed Art Show taking place at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California starting this weekend, on March 7th, lasting for two weeks. Konietzko and his co-creator Michael DiMartino will be attending the opening and signing products purchased at the Gallery for the first 100 guests in line. Here's the full piece, plus a little commentary from Konietzko about it that he posted on Tumblr:

As for this piece, I used and modified Emily Tetri's production painting of Harmony Tower (designed by Lee Jung-Su). Otherwise, I drew and painted the rest of it. I based the turtle-duck boats on the charming swan boats I saw while visiting Ueno Park in Tokyo.


Want a copy for yourself? You'll have to attend the Gallery. 100 copies of the print will be available for sale on the opening night of the exhibition — and Konietzko will donate 100% of his share of sales from the print to an LGBTQ suicide prevention hotline.

[via The Mary Sue]