Official Ender's Game Recruitment Video: Give Us Your Children

Ender's Game is unrolling its big Comic-Con marketing campaign with an International Fleet Battle School Recruitment Ad. Watch as Harrison Ford asks for you to enlist in his space war against an army of bugs. And check out a smattering of new footage from the film.


All you gotta do to enlist (and find out where you fall in the ranks) is watch this video and take the Aptitude Test. The video and test are just a small part of the massive Ender's Game rollout that Summit is mounting at San Diego Comic-Con. They've also constructed a giant Battle School experience, with giant chunks from the set, right across the street from the Convention Center. Fingers crossed for our first real sighting of a Light Gun!

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This is from a book correct? I don't know, just doesn't interest me much from what I've seen and read. If they want to make a war movie involving teenagers and young adults I much rather than make a Halo movie, where the military secretively kidnaps children and turn them into super soldiers. Brings more a lot more moral questions to the table I feel. Maybe I'm missing something?