Office Of The Future Will Have Even Less Privacy

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Japanese design team Nendo created this crazy-looking office space in Tokyo by putting giant U-shaped cut-out partitions all throughout the room. It kinda looks like a giant unknown entity was draping a sheet between his hands — and it totally re-imagines the traditional office space structures of cubicles and conference rooms. You have to step over the lowest point in the drape to get from one section of the office to another. Spaces that need some privacy — like conference rooms — were partitioned by soundproof plastic curtains. These kind of remind me of Ernesto Neto's bouncy white humanoid blobs. Images by Daici Ano [Nendo main page via Dezeen]

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the openness of this office space is not remarkable. there has been a whole trend of moving away from the cubical to facilitate more team interaction. Really - a worker that wants to hide behind a close door is more likely looking at it from a personal point of view than a mangers point of view where fostering teamwork and productivity is more important than hiding in your cube and goofing off.