Of course you want a shaving cream rain cloud in a jar

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Ever sat on a seat in the kitchen, or in a bathtub, and wanted to do a little artistic science? How about making it rain food coloring all around you? How about making a localized rainstorm.


I've been cleaning out my cabinets this week. For me, and I suspect most other people, there are certain things that you only use once in a very long while, but that keep forever. You don't want to throw them out, but there's nothing to be done with them, so they slowly clutter up your life. Food coloring is one of these confounding possessions. Dye the frosting on one batch of baby-shower cupcakes, and you're stuck with four different dyes forever. Unless you want to do a quick demonstration on rain.

All this takes is shaving cream, water, food coloring, and some container that lets you see the resulting downpour. Pour the water in the container (a jar is sufficient), and float a large "cloud" of shaving cream on top. Put a few drops of food coloring on the top of the cloud. The denser liquid will pour down through the foam and eventually start raining down through the jar. In nature, the "foam" would itself condense and drop, causing rain, but this is a decent approximation, and it can be very pretty - with multicolored rain pouring down through the jar.


That being said, a bathtub, blue-tinted water, puffy white clouds, a bunch of monopoly houses, and enough red food coloring to make it "rain blood"? Amazing fun. Try doing it while bellowing, "You have much offended me," or, if you're a Python fan, "You have been naughty in my sight, and shall snuff it."

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Via Hooked on Science.

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And, of course, you cannot simulate raining blood without the appropriate soundtrack: