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Of Course There's a 14-Month Waitlist for This $300 Unofficial Baby Yoda Toy

Are you prepared to take care of this child?
Are you prepared to take care of this child?
Image: GakmanCreatures (Etsy)
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Etsy is currently teeming with unofficial merch for The Mandalorian’s “The Child,” or Baby Yoda, as he’s colloquially come to be known. But if you’re hoping to get your hands on this $300 lifelike replica before Christmas, think again.


The handmade toy from Russia-based Etsy shop GakmanCreatures is one of a handful of Baby Yoda lookalikes currently listed for sale. Two of the “Tiny Master” toys listed for $300 are palm-sized, while a larger “Baby Masterlisted for $500 looks a bit more like the version we’ve come to know and love. They are, to be sure, cute as hell. But demand is evidently so high that the shop posted a notice that they’re back-ordered until after Christmas of next year.

Illustration for article titled Of iCourse/i Theres a 14-Month Waitlist for This $300 Unofficial Baby Yoda Toy
Image: GakmanCreatures (Etsy)

“Due to the high demand, actual waiting period is at least 14-17 months after the date of purchase or even longer! This item can’t be delivered by Christmas 2019 and 2020,” the all-caps notice on all three toy pages reads. “This is [a] made to order item!”

GakmanCreatures did not immediately return i09's request for comment. But shocking, this is not.

The official Disney “The Child” merch rollout seemed hastily thrown together and was highly underwhelming. The company’s since caught up a bit, and toys from Mattel, Funko, and Hasbro of that sweet, tiny baby—the one multiple Gizmodo staffers have inexplicably claimed they wish to eat—are currently available for preorder. But those official toys won’t be available until midway through 2020 at the time of this writing. Of course people are turning to handmade joints to satisfy their Baby Yoda fix, official toys be damned.


Now, whether or not furry Baby Yoda—as is the case with the one available on Etsy—is canon is another question entirely.

[h/t CNET]

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