Of Course the Second Rampage Trailer Introduces a Rage-Filled Flying Wolf

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Worried that skyscraper-tall albino gorillas and cruise ship-sized crocodiles wouldn’t be enough of a box office draw, the second trailer for Rampage reveals that Dwayne Johnson will also be battling rage-filled wolves who’ve mutated into some kind of giant flying squirrel.


In the first trailer for the Brad Peyton-directed film, due April 20, we saw the wolf in the air but assumed it was just pouncing. As wolves do. However, this new look gives us an entirely different perspective.


Based on a classic video game with equal amounts of destruction and oversized animals running amok, the big-screen version of Rampage is starting to look like the screenwriters were doing as much button-mashing as I did playing the arcade original when I was a kid. That’s not to say that’s a bad thing, I fed more than my fair share of quarters into that arcade cabinet, and I’ll probably spend more than I should on a ticket for this one that’s looking like great, mindless popcorn movie fare.

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I guess a flying squirrel wasn’t threatening enough for a movie called RAMPAGE! So they added a wolfs head, though I’d prefer an adorable (but gigantic) flying squirrel all the same.