Of Course Rian Johnson And Mark Hamill Have Thoughts About What Happened to Luke's Hand

Image: Lucasfilm
Image: Lucasfilm

More than most people in 2018, Rian Johnson seems like he’s authentically enjoying Twitter. Debating Star Wars with angry fans, posting silly clapbacks and answering questions about supposed plot holes, it really feels like the superstar director is in his element.

Most recently, he took to answer a question someone has about Luke’s trusty robotic hand. Spoilers ahead, just in case.

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Okay, so: What happened to Luke’s arm when he passed into the Force? We know clothes don’t go. What about prosthetics?

Hamill passed the question onto Rian, who replied as such:


Rian, I have a lot of questions. Are you suggesting that, metaphysically, prostheses in the Star Wars universe count as part of the body? Why didn’t Vader’s armor go? Is it a psychological thing? Does Luke just really like his arm? If I become one with the Force, does that mean I can bring my Nintendo Switch? What’s going on, Rian?!

Okay. It’s fine. It’s fiction, it’s imaginary, we should just enjoy it and play along. But I think I speak for io9 when I say that arm should have clanked, Mr. Johnson.


Mark Hamill, naturally, has his own interpretation.


Let’s call this one Star Wars Legends material.

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Has there been any answer as to why he ditched his real-looking prosthetic?