Of course it is: Walking Dead social game coming to Facebook

If you've ever wanted to shoot your Facebook friends in the head, this is your chance. AMC and Eye Wides Games are releasing The Walking Dead Social Game next month, so you and your friends will team up to defeat the Walkers, and then turn on each other as one of you inevitably goes zombie — or starts sending too many annoying requests.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before Walking Dead made the jump into social gaming. After all, it's hardly the first time a zombie game has overrun Facebook. According the the game's Facebook page, there are narrative-driven survival quests, but there's also the pressure to be constantly online and force your friends into the gameplay:

Guard duty: While you're not online, anything could happen in The Walking Dead Online Universe, so make certain to have your friends on guard to protect your community. Safety is always found in numbers. By adding your friends, you increase your ability to protect your camp as well as your friends'.


In other words, the game promises to be as obnoxiously virulent as the zombie virus itself. Get all your shots and brace yourself for the game invitations. If you'd rather be patient zero in the Facebook apocalypse, you can like the game's page and receive a notification when it goes online in April

The game also promises that we'll interact with characters from the TV show. Does that mean there's an option to kill Shane?

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