Of Course Batman Wears Batman-Branded Underwear

Batarangs. Batmobiles. Batcaves. Batcomputers. Bruce Wayne is, if nothing, the ultimate example of how to successfully pull off a wholly-unified personal brand. Apparently though, that brand goes labeling underneath the Batsuit... and right down to Bruce’s bat-undies.

This delightful bit of information comes from artist Mikel Janín, who’s joining Tom King and David Finch on the main Batman comic series in DC Rebirth, courtesy of a rather revealing design sketch of an undressed Bruce Wayne he posted to Facebook yesterday evening.


Not even Batman’s briefs can escape branding. What a cute little Bat logo adorning the waist. Janín adds that Bruce is wearing “Bat-socks” in the picture, but alas, no sign of the Bat-brand there.

It’s kind adorable though, isn’t it? Considering Bruce’s playboy lifestyle though, he might want to wear something from another label if he’s entertaining any paramours.



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