Octopus Steals A Diver's Videocamera And Records High-Speed Underwater Chase

Further proof that cephalopods are intelligent: This octopus stole a diver's brand-new videocamera then recorded a high-speed chase where the diver tried (and eventually succeeded) in getting his camera back. Was this a hostile move or just play?


In the end, it seems as if the octopus may just have been trying to interact playfully with this human interloper on its home turf. I like the way it films its own suckers with the camera. The part that's really interesting is the way the human adapts to the idea that the octopus might be intelligent enough to bargain with him. To get his camera back, he offers the octopus his speargun. (Perhaps not the best idea when encountering alien life, but hey.) That's when he's able to get the camera back, though the octopus won't let go of his speargun.

An interesting chronicle of human-alien interaction to say the least.

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Victor Huang, the diver in the clip is an animator at Weta Digital in NZ.