Octopus chandeliers add the right touch of tentacle to any decor

Cephalopod aficionados looking to spice up their lighting should look to Adam Wallacavage's Octopus Chandeliers. His unusual light fixtures hold up their bulbs with sucker-bearing tentacles that come in a variety of colors and levels of kitsch.

What's especially interesting about looking through Wallacavage's collection of chandeliers is how he achieves such different effects by changing the colors, arrangement of the legs, and accessories. His white and bronze chandeliers manage to be quite elegant, while his red ones are almost menacing, as if ready to drop on the head of an unsuspecting diner. Sometimes, however, he goes all out on the eccentricities of his lamps, adding eyeballs and Hello Kitty dolls for an intriguing bit of home decorating cheese.


You can see many more of his chandeliers and other artwork on his website and his blog.

[via Laughing Squid]


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