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Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy Will Star In Superhero Movie Thunder Force

Melissa McCarthy in Ghostbusters.
Melissa McCarthy in Ghostbusters.
Image: Columbia Pictures

The superhero film train never ends. Now, Netflix is getting on board with a new superhero film that seems very close to having its stars: Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer.


The actresses, famous for films like Ghostbusters and Can You Ever Forgive Me? (McCarthy) and Hidden Figures and The Shape of Water (Spencer), will star in Thunder Force. As reported by Deadline, the film, written and to-be directed by Ben Falcone (Life of the Party), is a superhero movie that is set to shoot this fall.

Not a whole lot is known about the film, but it will likely feature the two heroines receiving superpowers, according to Deadline. A release date is pending, but we’ll keep you posted. 


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