Octavia Butler, Roger Zelazny, and Richard Matheson inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame

Today, Octavia Butler, Roger Zelazny, Richard Matheson, and special effects maestro Douglas Trumbull (2001, Blade Runner) were inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame at Seattle's Science Fiction Museum.


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Chip Overclock®

BTW, the Science Fiction Museum, admission for which includes the co-located Experience Music Project (a sort of Rock and Roll museum) is well worth your time. Mrs. Overclock (etc.) and I went to Seattle for a long weekend for our 25th wedding anniversary, chosen at least in part because of the presence of the SFM.

Don't pass up the EMP. It's fun in and of itself. But the EMP had a room where you could watch videos of interviews with various musicians, and we were delighted to discover a bunch of SF authors on the menu of interviewees.

(Sorry if there's a double post. I tried to upload a photograph from the SFM and the web page got all wonky.)