There is a movie called Time After Time. This late 1970s flick isn’t a masterpiece, but it does feature Malcolm Macdowell as scifi author and actual Time Machine-owner H.G. Wells, who is aghast to learn his friend, played by Jonathan Pryce David Warner, is Jack the Ripper. He’s even more aghast when Jack steals his machine and travels to modern (well, 1970s) San Francisco, forcing Wells to head to the future to stop a new murder spree.


It’s a lot of fun, and it’s certainly one of the best time travel movies ever made. And now ABC is going to turn it into a TV series.

Yes, no longer content to simply reboot classic TV shows and movies, the entertainment industry seems to be picking material toredo out of a hat. In this case, I’m all for it, because I’ll always watch H.G. Wells battle Jack the Ripper in any era, on any platform. There’s absolutely no news if the show would be set entirely in the present—which I don’t think is exactly unlikely, as it would save an immense amount of production costs—or if Wells would actually chase Jack through many different places and times, sort of like CSI: Doctor Who.


The show will be run by Kevin Williamson, who created Dawson’s Creek, ran The Vampire Diaries, and made many crime procedurals like The Following and Stalker (they guy really like shows about people chasing criminals). ABC has already bought the project, so now we only have to guess which British actors will play Wells and Jack, and who will play the street-smart American cop whose life gets entwined with Wells.

[Via Deadline]

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