In this completely decontextualized scene from bizarrely bad mutant insect incest movie Red Cockroaches, you discover the horrifying future of real-time photo streams. This guy's friend busts in on him hooking up, photographs it with his glasses, and uploads!

Do you really want to know the backstory on this scene? OK, here goes. This loser in a future New York City, full of acid rain and mutant bugs, sees a hot chick on the subway. Then she disappears, leaving behind a piping-hot tooth. Later, she rents a room in his apartment and starts banging him. Then it turns out she's his long-lost sister, but she keeps banging him, and then her still-hot tooth turns into a mutant insect.

Finally the siblings' mother catches them doing it, and for some reason our hero decides to kill her when she gets upset. And then he has sex with his sister again. That's about when his obnoxious friend comes in, with his augmented reality glasses that take pictures of whatever he's looking at and uploads them to faceblag or twoogle. But you know what? Some things shouldn't be faceblagged - like when you have post-matricide makeup sex with your sister in a world ruled by a mysteriously irrelevant corporation called DNA 21.

If you liked that, Red Cockroaches is the first in a trilogy. So you can enjoy this narrative for a few more hours. Of your life. That you could have spent stabbing your face.

Red Cockroaches via IMDB