"Obama's Blackberry Is His Real Key to the X-Files Treasury"

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While you're all waiting for news about Obama's stimulus plan, you're forgetting the most important thing the president should be doing. Formulating a UFO policy. Luckily, UFO experts have some advice for him.


You may remember UFO expert Jeff Peckman from his lobbying efforts to get an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission created in Denver. At the height of his campaign, he promised journalists he would reveal absolute proof of the existence of aliens - via a video (now much parodied online) of an alien sort of jumping up and down outside a window.


Despite public criticism, Peckman soldiers on, continuing his quest to get governments at both the local and federal levels to acknowledge the secret history of UFO research and "X-Files" in the United States.

In a recent editorial, Peckman lays out exactly what the Obama Administration needs to know about aliens:

Sixteen months ago presidential candidate Obama said he did not know and did not pretend to know about intelligent life in outer space. But he’s also probably become aware that he can get a more detailed briefing on the real truth about ‘X-Files’ through the Internet than from U.S.military and intelligence agencies. President Obama's ‘Blackberry’ is his real key to the ‘X-Files’ treasury.

Expectations are high that President Obama will release the ‘X-Files’. But learning about UFOs and sharing that information with the people will not be a ‘slam dunk’ for the new U.S. President. Why? One reason is that U.S. Presidents in recent decades have been denied information about UFO ‘X-Files’. Another reason is that much of the evidence contained in the files was shifted to private corporations to keep it out of reach of Congress and U.S. citizens who might take the Freedom of Information Act seriously.


Are Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman reading this? Because I feel like the direction they've taken Fringe reflects this changed belief in the UFO community that the Big Bad who hides alien discoveries is the private sector rather than a secret government organization.

And if Orci and Kurtzman need some more ideas, Peckman's got a few. He thinks Obama needs to investigate the decades-old case of Billy Meier, a Swede who has some of the best images of UFOs ever seen (there's one above). How can Obama really hope to fix America if he doesn't deal with the Meier case? A good question indeed.


Read more Peckman, and see a lovely gallery of Meier images at the Examiner.

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Corpore Metal

A friend of mine, who's a sort of po-mo, hipster UFO nut, says that governments are conspiring to hush up sightings and radar evidence of these things because they can't do anything about it. This was especially true during the Cold War she says. In a missile happy world it just wouldn't do to have news come out that radar tracking stations were getting mysterious blips all the time.

She says this conspiracy of silence can only be broken by something happening on such a scale that there would be no way for goverments can hush the whole thing up.

I just silently roll my eyes and let her froth.

But internally the logic is sound.