Obama Exchanges Bows With A Robot, and a Right-Wing Freak Out Ensues

Conservative pundits have a bit of an obsession with President Obama's purported habit of bowing when meeting foreign dignitaries. But, that outrage reached a new peak when our Commander-in-Chief publicly surrendered to our robot overlords.

Last week, while in Japan, Obama got up close and personal with Honda's ASIMO robot. The two life forms exchanged pleasantries and played some soccer. (Obama admitted he found ASIMO a "little scary." Welcome to the uncanny valley!) But, what truly grabbed the attention of right-wing media outlets was a photo of Obama exchanging bows with the 55-inch-tall droid.


Predictably, the headline "U.S. President Bows to Japanese Robot" was splashed across the Drudge Report. From there, the meme wound its way through the pundit intestinal tract, showing up on Breitbart.com and then Free Republic, where one commenter noted that both Obama and ASIMO share the common trait of being born in a foreign country. Then, the conservative Canadian newspaper, the National Post, declared "He'll bow to anybody!"

But, really, none of this could compete with this tweet from Fox News' Neal Cavuto:


It's comforting to know that the host of "Your World" is unable to tell the difference between Japan and China.

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