Obama En Route To Becoming Most Popular Comic Book Character Ever

Yet another superhero comic is co-opting President-Elect Barack Obama to gain some extra publicity, sales and a claim to being hip to the political beat. Us, we're wondering when enough will be enough already.

The latest comic to jump onboard the Obama wagon (Obamagon?) is Image Comics' Youngblood which, like Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man, will feature Obama himself in a second story in addition to the regular storyline:

President Obama picks new Youngblood team! A new day has dawned in America and for Youngblood that means a brand new direction under the executive direction of the new Commander-In -Chief! Who stays, who goes? Only Obama knows for sure! Rob Liefeld returns to the helm on story and art as Youngblood prepares for an all new direction in 09!


This news was announced on the same day that Marvel's Spider-Man issue with Obama was released, prompting lines at many comic book stores, and quick sell-outs throughout the country (If you missed it, don't worry; a second printing should be in stores next week), perhaps showing the business reasons behind the Youngblood decision, but nonetheless, between Savage Dragon, Spider-Man and Thunderbolts over at Marvel, and now Youngblood, the novelty of seeing our new President in comic book form has not only worn off by now, he's in danger out wearing out his welcome before he's even taken office.


At least we know that we're relatively safe from Obama popping up next to Superman or Wonder Woman; none of the presidential candidates in DC's DC Universe: Decisions series last year shared his name, so unless there was a hell of a write-in vote, he's not the president on DC Earth.

Youngblood #8 Obama Cover [Comic Book Resources]


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