NY MoMa Welcomes "Nouvel" Phallic Companion

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Manhattan has a pretty solid lineup of iconic skyscrapers. But the Chrysler and Empire State buildings are soon-to-be octogenarians, and it's been six years since the WTC went down. So what's next? A giant, silver, slightly crooked phallic symbol, of course.


French architect Jean Nouvel envisions this 75-story concrete-and-glass irregularity to be the perfect filler for the vacant lot next to the Museum of Modern Art in midtown. When completed a decade or so from now, it's going to house a luxury hotel, some condos, an underground restaurant with a glass ceiling, and additional art galleries for its neighbor.

This is a much more realistic phallic symbol than the obelisks in Paris and Luxor or the Washington Monument. It's shiny, silver, hard, slightly curved, and it even has veins. Even the ancient Egyptians didn't pay that much attention to detail.

Next to MoMA, a Tower Will Reach for the Stars [NY Times]

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