Number 2 Has Got Number 6 All Bottled Up, In New Prisoner Poster

I'm officially excited by the new posters for AMC's The Prisoner remake and the BBC's new Day Of The Triffids. Especially since Triffids includes a gun-toting Eddie Izzard. (See below.)

These new posters come from the MiPTV gathering in Cannes, where the producers are trying to sell both shows to international audiences. The Prisoner is done filming, and airs later this year on AMC. As we've mentioned, it stars James Caviezel and Ian McKellen.


Check out the pretty amazing cast list for Triffids, which is still filming. (Actor Joely Richardson seems to have taken a few days off filming because of the death of her sister, Natasha Richardson. No clue if their mother, Vanessa Redgrave, had already completed her filming.)

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