Nuclear plant workers film Star Trek spoof inside training simulator

The staff of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) seems to be in trouble after a Star Trek spoof made in 2010 in the plant's training simulator was leaked. "SONGS Trek," as it's called, doesn't seem to be work-related, but it also doesn't appear to have put the plant in any danger.

In fact, the short wouldn't probably be attracting any attention at all, except the plant is a complete disaster (or at least a disaster waiting to happen): its steam generators started leaking in 2012, a worker fell into a coolant pool, licensing problems, a pipe "fixed" with tape, plastic and broomsticks, and it has a terrifying amount of additional problems, too.

The short includes former chief nuclear officer Ross Ridenoure and current vice president and station manager Doug Bouder; I can't decide whether I'm impressed or confused that some much senior staff was involved in what is essentially a fan-made Trek flick. Either SONGS hires Trekkies pretty exclusives or 2010's Christmas bonuses were contingent on putting on a Starfleet uniform first.


[Via 10 News]

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Princess Catnip

Have any of you had to sit through technical training videos? They are boring as shit. So they tried have a little fun. Big deal. The news channel sucks for trying to make a scandal out of this.