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Nuclear Energy Cost This Mutant Berzerker A Special Body Part [NSFW]

Mutant gang-leader Splatter doesn't like the ladies, but he's not gay either. So what's his deal? One mutant groupie, with apalling Purple Rain-era makeup, finds out — in this horrendous/horrifying (NSFW) scene from Future Kill.

Goldfarb was rightFuture Kill is probably the worst theatrically released movie of all time. (Although, did Nine Deaths Of The Ninja ever appear in theaters?) It starts out as a post-apocalyptic mutant gang movie, then veers sharply into Porkys/Revenge Of The Nerds territory with an elaborate subplot about frat-boys playing pranks on each other. Then the frat-boys get framed for the murder of a mutant leader by Splatter, our dickless armored former nuclear scientist and current psycho-killer.

It's all the work of writer/director Ronald W. Moore — who I'm guessing is the reason why Star Trek/Battlestar Galactica scribe Ronald D. Moore always includes his middle initial in his credits. [IMDB]

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I should get a gold star for this....

I haven't seen it since it came out but I still remember that clip...

there is a point in the film where the frat boys are all standing around freakng out about what to do...and someone says "who ya gonna call?"...more than one person in the audience shouted the answer (this is 1985 remenber)...

oh, I should have linked to the poster in that other post:


Giger Goodness...