NRA celebrates the gun wisdom in The Terminator and The Road Warrior

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Last December, the NRA's Wayne LaPierre decided to blame Hollywood's "blood-soaked" gun "pornography" for gun violence. But now, the NRA has posted a list of great gun movies, and what they taught us. What important lesson about guns did we learn from The Terminator and Zombieland?

In the National Rifle Association's American Rifleman magazine, there's a list of the "Coolest Gun Movies." Including what you can or did learn from each of them. The Terminator is praised for introducing people to some cutting-edge firearms, and the article adds: "This movie made shooters realize the importance of firepower, and that preparedness might be needed in the future." About Zombieland, the article adds: "Sure, the idea of a zombie apocalypse is pretty far-fetched, but it has introduced a new group of people to preparedness and firearms." The Matrix is praised for bullet-time and for the scene where Neo calls for "Guns. Lots of guns." Tremors also gets a shout-out for its sheer amount of firepower.

And then there's the list's praise for The Road Warrior: "This movie made some people realize that ammunition is a commodity, and would be useful if the world ever does hit the fan." [via NBC News]

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That would be the same Terminator in which mankind's insatiable thirst for better and more advanced weaponry results in the systematic destruction of 6 billion people and our near extinction as a species?

Or the Terminator that showed a brutal mass shooting of a police station?

Or the Terminator in which all of our best and coolest guns do nothing to stop a rampaging bad guy out to kill Sarah Connor?