NPR Wants Scifi Novels On Your Bedside Table

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NPR's Nancy Pearl, who has probably written enough words about science fiction to fill a couple of Del Rey compendiums with, has laid out of a list of her recommended reading. While technically only two of the books on her list are science fiction, you can't really argue with Frederik Pohl and Joe Haldeman. Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon is a borderline inclusion. Sure, it's fiction, yes there's science in it, but is it science fiction?


It's not a bad list for when you need a literary escape from the looming holiday season, but we'd love to see separate lists for science fiction and fantasy. Don't mix your Pohls and Kays! Although Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians sounds like it might be worth looking into. Check out what she's been reading, and let us know what's on your list.

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After a fair bit of searching, I believe I've found the link to the list referred to in this post: