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Click to viewNow that Stargate SG-1 is retired, Stargate Atlantis needs to be on it's A-game. Stargate Universe is waiting in the wings to steal all the gatey thunder, but I truly believe that this season of Atlantis has been, and will continue to be, the show's best yet. It's your time Atlantis, and here's why. Plus the rest of this week's must-watch TV. The Best Stargate Comic Timing Yet: Now I'm not saying that I didn't love Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O'Neill, but every now and then his constant Andersonisms (or massive pauses before the punchline) killed me. I wanted to scream: Just get to the joke already. It would throw the flow off and shake things, sometimes for the worst. True, that's part of his charm and I know this is why many people love him, but for me I really prefer the back and forth banter of the Atlantis crew, they've got it down pretty solid. Sheppard's Hair: There is a dire lack of hero hair on the boob tube these days. Peter Petrelli from Heroes has a pathetic mane, and it continues to be laughable (even after the recent cut). We need sexy crazy hero hair back. I'm sick of the buzz-cut bad boys, bring back the hair. Sheppard's hair sex appeal far outranks that of any past Stargate crew member, second only to Ronon's wig.

McKay > Teyla = Happiness This year the are giving the people exactly what they want, more McKay and less Teyla. All the annoying Teyla moments of last year were so tiresome. Thank goodness they are taking some time to re-jigger this character and fill the empty time with more McKay. This week's Atlantis episode is not only McKay-centric, but heralds the return of his cute sister Jeannie. I hope there is a whole McKay goodbye death scene when he gets deathly ill - and then of course Keller brings him back.

New Aliens I'm terribly excited for all of the pissed-off aliens we've been promised this year. Especially since the reason they're pissed is the Atlantis crew's meddling around the galaxy. Bring on more weirdos and what-nots, Atlantis. Robert Picardo: He's an incredibly charming, bald genius. Who else could fill in Samantha Carter's heels so well? He's brilliant, and a fans' actor. I honestly didn't know what he was going to change about the show, but his addition of actual personality instead of Carter's bland good-girl antics really balanced out the team, which Atlantis needed. So here's the rest of the stuff worth watching on TV this week. Tonight: ABC Family is screening a little alien love with E.T, at 7:30 followed by a very special Middleman. This week, Middleman is a bit Noser-centric when our beloved hall rat enters a ventriloquist contest but has to deal with nasty vampire puppets, on at 10 PM. Also worth checking out: the History Channel's Decoding the Past explores the Mayan Doomsday deadline of 2012 at 8 PM. Sexy subterranean mecha anime Gurren Lagann is on Sci Fi at both 11 and 11:30. Explore the sexy mysteries of the future with private dick Charlie Jade at 3 AM on the Sci Fi Channel. Tuesday: A new episodes of Eureka is on at 9 PM on the Sci Fi Channel. This time Carter gets stuck in a time loop on the love of his life's wedding and has to relive it over and over and over. Wednesday: Sci Fi Channel is having a Special Unit 2 marathon, so follow your favorite Chicago special ops team as they try and explain the mysterious of the universe. It's like the X-Files, but drunk and with a gargoyle. Monster Quest, on the History Channel, explores the mystery behind Bigfoot at 9 PM. And if you liked Eureka's time-loop action, you can relive it in movie form. At 3 AM Sci Fi is also showing 12:01 a time loop TV movie from Fox, starring Jeremy Piven and Martin Landau.

Thursday: Can't make it though the day without a little scifi? Click to AMC at 3 PM for some post-apocalypse goodness in Escape From New York. Friday: Stargate's Atlantis "The Shrine" is on at Sci Fi Channel at 10. Sci Fi's original movie staring Lou Diamond Phillips about an alien-infested train that's trying to consume all the humans aboard, Alien Express is on at 3 AM. Saturday: British prehistoric beasties take to the sea in Primeval this week on BBC America at 9 PM. The Sci Fi Channel is having a marathon of original movies including Larva (at 3AM) and Kaw (at 7 PM), but more importantly Flu Bird Horror is premiering this night. Oh yes, it's about birds that give you the flu that kills. Bald scifi legend Patrick Stewart's Star Trek: Nemesis, in which he has an inexplicably bald young clone, is on at 8 PM on AMC. The Chronicles of Riddick is on at 1:30 PM and 11:45 PM on TNT. Sunday: AMC has a great scifi movie marathon starting with Beneath the Planet of the Apes at 4 AM, then Escape From the Planet of the Apes at 6 AM and ending with the best ever black and white alien invasion, The Day The Earth Stood Still at 8 AM. Metalocalypse is showing "Snakes N Barrels II (Part 1)" on Adult Swim at 2 AM. Pickles discovers that Snakes 'N' Barrels has reunited without him.

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