Could this parking garage in Santa Monica, California, become the first certifiably "green" parking garage in the U.S.? LEED, a green building organization that awards certifications to structures that are demonstrably eco-friendly, says it may grant its certification to the garage any time now.


According to Inhabitat, there's good reason to call this building green:

A solar photovoltaic array on the roof provides shade for top level parking and on-site renewable energy. The materials used in construction were recycled and finished with low-VOC paints and finishes. The building envelope utilizes low-e glazing to decrease heating and cooling loads and the mechanicals are energy efficient. A storm-drain water-treatment system helps reduce tainted runoff from directly entering the hydrosphere and greywater harvesting provides for landscaping and on-site facilities.

True, but I'd rather turn that pretty, environmental building into some kind of breezy, stacked camping ground or hotel than give it to stinky cars.

First LEED Parking Garage [Inhabitat]


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