Want to convince a friend that you can fly as good as Kara Thrace, but lack a Viper to prove it? eBay comes to the rescue in the shape of this Viper Pilots License, which can be personalized with your name for that extra authenticity. Well, as authentic as a license for a fictional vehicle can be, anyway.

The seller's description is convincing, to say the least:

By the Lords of Kobol, you simply have to have your own VIPER PILOTS LICENSE! Become a true Colonial Warrior and help protect humanity from the dreaded Cylon forces! Now you can also become one of the highly trained highly skilled Pilots that are allowed to call a Viper MK2 home. Help protect the last remnants of the twelve colonies. With the help of the Gods, you may become as well known as Apollo and Starbuck. Looks great mounted on a wall in a frame or displayed in its own handsome gold trimmed Certificate folder. Become a Viper Pilot today! Each License is signed by Commander Adama and President of the twelve colonies Laura Roslin and shipped in a heavy cardboard mailer to prevent bending or other damage.


At only $8, it's kind of a steal. And, if nothing else, it gives you the excuse to fall down drunk and start screaming "You're going the wrong way! YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!" to anyone passing by. [eBay.com]