Hit up up down down left right left right B A start if you want to live! Suck it, Gears Of War, you may be some fun but I want to be chased by a motorcycle Terminator. Terminator 4 is coming out with a video game, and unlike the Watchmen video game blasphemy, pretending to be John Connor and killing off some of these bad ass new half-breed Terminators sounds great. Because at the heart of Terminator it's really just about blowing up some robots.Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Equity Games Production and Halcyon Games announced that they will be releasing a Terminator Salvation tie-in video game where you can be John Connor. It will be a third-person shooter game where you are charged with building the resistance and fighting Skynet. Characters from the film will be inside the video game along with all of the new Skynet baddie bots, including the giant Harvesters. But will we be able to ride the back of the flying robots? Note to game creators — make this dream come true! In other awesome Terminator news MSN Entretenimento has an exclusive moving Terminator poster that is worlds of amazing. Check out the exclusive poster of LA that slowly melts into the face of one pissed off robot. [Slice Of Scifi]