Now You Too Are Legend

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For moviegoers looking forward to Will Smith's new apocalypse movie I Am Legend, there's now the chance for them to not just watch the end of the world, but participate in it.


Warner Bros. have launched a new "interactive experience" website based around the movie, called I Am Immune. For just the cost of your email address and probably receiving WB-related spam for the rest of your natural life, you too can get your own "patient ID" that allows you to access movie-related message boards and take part in real-life scavenger hunts that may win you tickets to the movie's New York City premiere, where viewers will die as part of the near-complete destruction of humanity that leaves only a tall man who once celebrated his love for Miami in rap form as a reminder of what mankind once stood for.

Okay, maybe not that last part.

I Am Immune [via Movie Marketing Madness]

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