Now You Have an Even Better Excuse to Snarf Ritalin

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It turns out that there's a valid medical reason for your burning urge to eat huge piles of Ritalin in order to feel speedy, erm I mean, increase your powers of concentration. According to a new study, doctors have increasingly been diagnosing ADHD in young adults over the age of 12, despite the fact that attention deficit disorder is traditionally found in kids around age 7. Could it be that ADHD is sweeping the entire human population, becoming an adult problem as well as something that afflicts hyperactive elementary school kids?


Actually, even the people reporting on this study are pretty skeptical. Says PhysOrg:

The study didn't investigate why the increase in one age group was so much higher than the other. It found the percentage of older children diagnosed with ADHD has been rising by 4 percent each year. Some experts say the increase may reflect that doctors are increasingly considering the possibility of ADHD in older kids who have concentration problems - a trend that coincides with the marketing of ADHD medications to teens and adults.

The finding may also reflect the misuse of Ritalin and other ADHD medications in that age group as study aides and recreational stimulants, some experts speculated. "There are people out there being treated for ADHD that probably don't meet the diagnostic criteria," said Scott Kollins, director of Duke University Medical Center's ADHD Program.

So the increased diagnoses may actually just reflect the increasing hunger for Ritalin among people who want a boost. Or it might be a legitimate transformation in human consciousness. You be the judge.

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Chris Person

@Valhawk: Absolutely nothing at all. Neuromancer, maybe, but that's a stretch and kinda self-defeating when you think about it. After all I'm sure Gibson, an adult, was self-medicating.

And it doesn't matter either way. ADHD is found in all age spectrums, not just children. That's not new news, and it's really shoddy blogging on i09's part.