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While we may have been hearing about the upcoming DC Universe Online MMORG for some time, the announcement yesterday that fan-favorite writer Geoff Johns was writing parts of the game - including sequences familiar to fans of his books -made the year-plus wait for the game that little bit harder. After all, who doesn't want to be part of the Sinestro Corps War?Johns' involvement doesn't just bring his history with the characters to the project - it also apparently brings his sense of scale and ability to make fanboys across the world wet themselves with anticipation, if this is anything to go by:

It's almost like you have a Secret Origin. That's what I look at is as... If you're a new hero; what's your Secret Origin? Your Secret Origin is going to take you throughout the DC Universe, from one end to the next, from The Daily Planet to the inner dungeons of the Doom Patrol's castle in Prague. That's my goal, is to really have you be able to visit and interact with any corner of the DC Universe, whether it's the world of the Flash or the Suicide Squad... I'm kind of a freak when it comes to the far-reaching corners of the DC Universe, so to do that and be able to say, 'Can you build this?' or to say, like, 'can we use the Rogues?' And to have them come back and say, 'Sure! Which ones? Any Rogues you want!' It was really pretty freeing, and it was a kind of experience I'd never had in the DC Universe. It's a totally different way to write.


One of those differences is that there's no such thing as "a" story, as Johns explained:

There are lots of different stories or offshoots you can do. The story that I've created, is really just the first story but within that story, there are dozens and dozens of others... There are some things in it from [Green Lantern] that for people who know my stuff will be familiar.


But if you're worried that gaming - or his TV writing career, like writing an upcoming episode of Smallville - will steal his attention away from comics, you shouldn't be:

[M]y first love and interest is always going to be comic books. Comic books are my main focus and specifically, the DC Universe. It's where I have the most fun. It's where I find a lot of challenges in my writing. It's never boring.

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