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It wasn't until seeing a press release about the launch of a new Classic Doctor Who toy line that I realized (a) I may want to own an action figure of a much-beloved fictional character from my youth for the first time, and (b) said action figure should be renamed "Tom Baker Doctor With A Shit-Eating Grin." Sure, you also get some classic monsters and another couple of old school Doctors (Colin Baker? WTF? They wanted to put in one of the shitty Doctors to see if anyone was paying attention?), but, seriously. The Tom Baker one is terrifying.

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The press release reads:

Fans of all eras of Doctor Who can look forward to an incredible range of classic Doctor Who figures and monsters being launched in the UK by Character Options later this year.

Recreate scenes from the classic series of Doctor Who with the poseable action figures. Each figure pack comes with a different collectable part of the giant K-1 robot from the fourth Doctor's first story in 1974. When all eight packs are collected, the giant robot will be complete.

Classic figures include Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Colin Baker. Other figures and monsters include a Sea Devil (1972), Zygon (1975), Magnus Greel & Mr Sin (1977), SV7 and D84 (1977).

Also being launched is a Doctor Who 5 inch Classic Dalek Set - this set of three poseable Classic Daleks includes Daleks from The Dead Planet, (1963), The Planet of the Daleks, (1973) and Genesis of the Daleks (1975).


I love the idea that the various Daleks are that much different. "Oh! This one has a vaguely unusual plunger compared with the other two! And he's blue! That makes all the difference!" What's next? Multiple Cyberman with slightly different headpieces?

(No, toymakers. That's not a good idea.)

Character Options - Classic Series Action Figures [Doctor Who Online] (Thanks, Martin!)

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