Now You Can Follow Inanimate Objects from "Heroes" On Twitter

OK, I get that people like to follow characters from their favorite TV shows on Twitter. I like the fake celeb phenom as much as the next person, and I even like some of the real celebs who give us a daily tweet or two. But seriously, folks, who really wants to follow "The Sullivan Bros Circus" on Twitter? Yes, that's the circus that new baddie Samuel is the boss of. And yes, the circus tweets "in character," which is to say WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE A CIRCUS IS NOT A CHARACTER. When will the social media fuckwits behind this campaign just cut it out?

Or at least give us an interesting inanimate object to follow, like Claire's hair.


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crashedpc /sarcasm

"You think a clown car has it bad? I have clowns coming out of my ass every night!"