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Now You Can Experience The Original ElfQuest In All Its Shiny Wonder

Illustration for article titled Now You Can Experience The Original emElfQuest/em In All Its Shiny Wonder

Wendy and Richard Pini’s Elfquest is one of the most influential fantasy comics of all time, and Wendy Pini was so committed to her creation that she actually cosplayed as one of her characters. But now at last, you can read the whole early Elfquest saga in one great volume.


Today, Dark Horse Comics announced that it’s releasing one epic volume of The Original ElfQuest, comprising 720 pages of “what is now known as The Original Quest.” The volume will include concept art, pinups and covers, plus commentary from the Pinis. That’s coming in August. Then in October, Dark Horse is releasing a prestige edition of Wendy Pini’s artwork for first five issues of ElfQuest, carefully re-scanned to capture every line and detail, so it’s as close as you can get to holding her original artwork in your hands. [Comic Book Resources]

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Oh, wow, nostalgic story time. When I was a kid, my friends and I were super into ElfQuest. For my 12th birthday we went to Disneyland. The Indiana Jones ride had just opened. We were in the part of the line where you're going into all these tunnels and we were whispering about how this dude in front of us looked JUST LIKE Treestump. Well, everything echoes and carries in those tunnels and he heard us and turned around and told us that he and his companions were voice actors and had just done work for an ElfQuest animated series. Then they sang me Happy Birthday in three part acapella, echoing all through the tunnels, which of course totally made my day.

Cool story, bro.