We've learned the first details of the Dollhouse season finale which Joss Whedon directed - and which won't air, and may not even make it to DVD. And now we're dying to see it. Spoilers!

Jennifer Godwin at E! Online covered the Dollhouse season finale controversy, and got the same answers as everyone else. (Including us - the Fox PR people got back to us yesterday afternoon.)


In case you missed all the details, the finale, "Epitaph One," doesn't count as one of the 13 which Fox ordered, because Whedon shot two pilots. Therefore, it won't air. And it's by no means certain (despite Felicia Day's statements) that Fox will pay for the post-production necessary to put the episode on the DVD box set. At the same time, Fox won't make any decision about cancelling Dollhouse until May.

But then Godwin got a plot synopsis of "Epitaph One." Apparently, it's written by Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen. And it's a stand-alone episode, which doesn't wrap up any of the previous episodes' plot arcs. (So maybe no "Alpha.") Instead, it takes place "in the future, after the apocalypse, amidst total anarchy."

Can you imagine post-apocalyptic Dollhouse? Me neither. And yet, now I can think of nothing else. (Maybe this apocalypse is actually brought about by the widespread use of mind-wiping technology? In any case, consider my curiosity fully piqued.) [E! Online]