Friends, Romans, comic book movie fans: we have been betrayed. In a desperate quest for knowledge to learn everything about Batman v Superman before it releases, we turned to the saccharine liquids of Dr. Pepper, believing it to be the true font of knowledge. But we were deceived! For now it is Doritos that hold the answer!

Yes, just as you were done guzzling down as many Batman v Superman branded Dr. Pepper cans to get prequel comics filling in the state of the movie’s world and characters, Doritos drops the bombshell that it, too, has its own treasure trove of BvS prequel comics.

Revealed by Yahoo today, “Upstairs/Downstairs” by Christos Gage, Joe Bennett, Sean Parsons, and Hi-Fi, will be available to fans who buy Doritos family mix multipacks at Walmart. The comic, which you can see some of below, focuses on Bruce Wayne being a grumpy whiner over that slacker Superman getting a big statue of himself in Metropolis.


There’s something slightly hilarious and joyful in seeing Bruce be such a childish curmudgeon over a statue, but Yahoo’s story does feature one interesting tidbit in how it describes the comic:

Upstairs/Downstairs examines what it means to be a superhero — whether it, as Bruce Wayne believes, requires being human, fallible, and empathetic, or whether it only requires having virtually unchecked god-like gifts.


So, in Batman v Superman, Batman dislikes Superman’s heroism... because he’s an alien? Is Bruce Wayne kinda space racist? Doritos comic, you reveal some strange things to us. Also, I love that Bruce believes his heroism is all about being a normal guy, someone fallible and empathetic... he also just forgets to mention that he’s a “normal guy” with billions of dollars to fund himself with.

Yeah, real “man of the people,” Bats.

Codes for “Upstairs/Downstairs” will be available beginning Monday, February 29th.



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