Now We Know About The Doctor, Who's His Companion?

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Okay, now that we've met the eleventh Doctor, it's time to start the rumor-mongering about who's going to be accompanying him on the Tardis when Doctor Who's official fifth season begins. Your first choices await.


Britain's Daily Telegraph is reporting that singer Lily Allen is in the lead for taking over the co-driver's seat when Matt Smith takes over as the Doctor in 2010, although new executive producer Piers Wenger isn't giving anything away:

Having got the casting of the Doctor out of the way, the companion role is where we will be looking next. Someone terribly exciting like Billie Piper, who was at the beginning of her acting career but who had a profile for other reasons, would be great. We are looking for someone whose light can burn brightly... We would never cast anyone on the basis of their celebrity, but if Lily wanted to audition we would be delighted. It would be a lot of fun.


According to the newspaper, Smallville alumnus Kelly Brook and former teen popster Rachel Stevens are also in the running for the role. Well, it worked for Billie Piper, after all...

Search for new Doctor Who's partner begins []

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Justin Rimbo

I'm so sick of the Doctor/Pretty Young Thing combo. I realize that "burning brightly" can be translated to "gets ratings," but I agree with Blazeldude. A change of pace, or some sort of contrast would be nice. Besides, I'd be afraid of anyone too pretty impaling themselves on the new Doctor's treacherous facial bone structure.

A friend and I have suggested that maybe it's time for the Doctor to have an older companion. I think it would be great to see someone like Donna's gramps in the role — world-weathered, but finding out that there's always more to see. Or, in my ideal world, Mr. Copper from the Christmas Special two years ago.