Now We Get It: Dakota Fanning Is Twilight's Emperor Palpatine...Right?

Illustration for article titled Now We Get It: Dakota Fanning Is Twilights Emperor Palpatine...Right?

Try as we may, we're still not scared of Dakota's Fanning's pain powers in Twilight. Will the third installment, Eclipse, finally give her some horror edge? If they keep putting her in Palpatine robes and makeup, yes. Watch her clip.


Call us crazy but with 30 Days of Night's David Slade directing, there might actually be suspense in this Twilight film. Eclipse is in theaters June 30th.

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so let me get this straight...

in order to seem 'bad ass'

1 - longish pauses between phrases

2 - furrow brow

3 - ?? bad lighting?

Michael Sheen has done enough good in the world and I'll give him a pass...but everyone else involved with this utter shit should be embarrassed...embarrassed all the way to the bank I guess...

but shit!

what about Moff's Law?

this twilight shit is actually's terrible in every way...

why are their posts on a Sci-fi blog about it?

why are so many people who normally tear shit like this appart so blithely chatting about it?