Now this is the trailer Disney should have used to market John Carter

We've poked and prodded at the baffling marketing campaign for Disney's John Carter, which did little to tout the rich history and alien setting behind Andrew Stanton's movie. The team at the John Carter Files goes several steps further, creating a fan-cut trailer that explains just why anyone should care about this movie.

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked in the last few months, "Who is John Carter?" This trailer does what so much of the movie's marketing failed to do: answer that one simple question. It also gives a much richer sense of the film's visuals, taking us beyond the Tatooine color palette found in all of the official trailers. It's a pity someone didn't tap these guys to market the film. Disney might have had better luck at the box office.


[The John Carter Files via reddit]

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