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Now There's Going To Be A New Ghost In The Shell Anime Movie, Too

While Scarlett Johansson gets ready to star as Monique Kutcher (or whatever she'll be renamed) in America's live-action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, Japan is already hard at work making a third GitS movie starring Motoko Kusanagi in all her original, scantily clad cyber-crimefighting glory.


Besides this teaser, details on the new anime movie are scarce, although we know some of the staff: it will be overseen by the Ghost in the Shell: Arise prequel series' Kazuchika Kise, directed by Kazuya Nomura (you might have seen his action-comedy film titled Sengoku Basara), and with a screenplay by GitS: Arise's Tow Ubukaka. Also, the voice cast from Arise will reprise their roles, although most of them have actually been voicing the same characters since the first Ghost in the Shell movie as well. Anime News Network translated the text from the teaser if you're interested:

The legendary science-fiction work that caused a revolution around the world.

Original Work [by] Masamune Shirow

A work in celebration of 25 years

The awakened ghost whispers...

Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie

Opens in early summer 2015

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I had no idea of what was going on in the second film. I assume a third will inflict a 5d20 SAN loss.