Illustration for article titled Now there are even more reasons to join io9s Thursday Tales writing group

Every Thursday, io9ers flock to the Thursday Tales page to share their flash fiction, get feedback, and talk about writing. Now one io9er has created a searchable archive of the stories people have posted.


Thanks to io9er Gaudy Mouse Muad'Dib staying up late slinging code, you can now visit the Searchable Nine-o-Sphere, and read through stories (and ongoing series) that people have been posting in Thursday Tales.

If you haven't visited Thursday Tales yet, today should be your first trip! It's a great place to read new fiction from all the talented folks who hang out on io9, publish your work for the first time (or the millionth), and get critiques (or praise). Just remember, your fellow io9er lifeforms have posted these stories, so if you have criticism or advice, please be constructive, not insulting.


Visit Thursday Tales, or search for stories in the Nine-o-Sphere!

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