One of the most popular documents released by the CIA in 2014 was an account of U-2 testing from 1954-1974. In a creepily sarcastic comment, the CIA's Twitter rep wrote, "Reports of unusual activity in the skies in the '50s? It was us." You can imagine what the citizens of Twitter had to say about that.

If you can find your way through all the porn spam responses, you'll discover these gems, from disgruntled (and gruntled) people who appreciate that the CIA is willing to trust us with this startling piece of information.

First there are those who want to congratulate the agency for their forthrightness:

And then there are those who wonder whether there might have been something that was read perhaps more often than the U-2 report:

Of course other questions remain:

Followed by further explanations:

And then there is this fond hope that the CIA will always live on ... in some form.