Now That Liam Neeson's in Ted 2, Everyone Is Officially In This Movie

Illustration for article titled Now That Liam Neesons in emTed 2/em, Everyone Is Officially In This Movie

When did this happen? When did every week bring news that another actor was appearing in Ted 2? By the end of the year, dead people are going to announce their cameos. I swear, this'll be the only 2015 release to feature Marlon Brando, the original Lassie, and the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz.

Today saw the announcement that Liam Neeson and John Slattery would be in the Ted sequel. Unlike Morgan Freeman's part, which was revealed two weeks ago as a famous civil rights attorney that Ted will seek legal advice from, their parts are unknown. Freeman two weeks ago, Dennis Haysbert one week ago, and Neeson just now. Every week this film gets more actors.

So far, this film features the return of a number of the original cast (Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Barth, Patrick Warburton, and maybe Mila Kunis in a limited role), people recruited from Seth MacFarlane's A Million Ways to Die in the West (Neeson, Amanda Seyfried), and some newcomers (Slattery, Michael Dorn, Richard Schiff).



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OK, I get Ted 2 monetarily. But when did Hollywood give up their claim to art?