Get up close and personal, with a high-res look at Terminator Salvation's meat puppet kidnapping machine, the Harvester. Plus rejoice in the confirmation that the original Terminator will be back for more.


This Harvester Revision from Industrial Light And Magic is quite a sight, with four arms and a Predator-like gun on its shoulder. You gotta love the consistent red-eye look of all the Terminators.

In other deadly robot news, MTV has confirmed with co-star Terry Crews that Arnold Schwarzenegger is indeed making an appearance in the next Terminator movie.

As to what his role is, no one really knows:

"I don't know; I haven't seen it. They only gave out pages of the script," Crews remembered. "It was crazy. It was very, very secretive. Believe me - when you see it, that will be the first time I saw it."


It might just be a glimpse of the California governor's face on the prototype T-800, or a mere voice-over. One way or another, we're happy to have the original back. And I can't wait to see these bots in action - and thanks for the tip DVD Forum.