Now Sources Say A Labyrinth Sequel Is NOT In The Works

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Yesterday, a one-sentence aside in a Variety article sent rumors flying that The Jim Henson Company is working on a sequel to 1986's Labyrinth. Now, because life is cruel, it's looking like that may not be the case.

Yesterday afternoon, an unnamed source told Entertainment Weekly that, sure, there's always talk of doing a Labyrinth sequel, but nothing ever comes of it:

While they are working on a Fraggle Rock movie and a Dark Crystal sequel, as the Variety article stated, there are currently no plans to reboot, revive, or make a sequel to Labyrinth. It's one of those legacy titles that is floated at most meetings, but, sadly, nothing is actually in development at the moment.


Which, okay, sure. But it says it right there in the Variety piece that Labyrinth is one in a quartet of legacy titles currently in development by The Jim Henson Company. We can't help wondering if this is a Khan-not-Khan scenario. Is it possible someone in the company let something slip prematurely? We'll let you know if we hear more, obviously, but with so little news on Fraggle Rock and Dark Crystal trickling out as it is, we're not holding our breath.


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Fraggle Rock movie and a Dark Crystal sequel

If they use CGI on any of the creatures I'm going to get really mad......