The latest feature on Pottermore, the ever-expanding home of Harry Potter content, is a quiz designed by J.K. Rowling to tell you what your Patronus is.

In case you’d forgotten, a Patronus is a spell conjured by a happy memory and the incantation “Expecto patronum!” The Patronus takes the form of a silvery animal that protects against the soul-crushing depression caused by exposure to Dementors.


The test on Pottermore, like all Pottermore quizzes, is multiple choice. Only instead of answering a question, two or three words pop up and you have a short time to click one instinctively. No thoughts needed or wanted.

The quiz also zooms through an animated forest before each question, which draws it out a little bit. Rowling, as she so often does, offered some more information on Twitter:

Her new one is a heron, but Rowling also answered a fan who asked if mythical creatures were possible:

I got a blackbird and some mild motion sickness. Take it for yourself here.