Now Playing At A Fringe Alternate Universe Theater Near You

Fringe has bounced us back and forth between parallel Earths — most memorably in last week's episode — but all that dimensional travel simply begs the question: What movies do Other Earthlings watch? Now we know.


Apparently, They love sequels. A visitor (read: interloper) to Fringe's Vancouver set snapped these pics, revealing our/their/the writers' penchant for franchises that should've died a long time ago. Does anyone really want to see Smokey and the Bandit: The Final Lap, Splash 7: Love Sinks, or Indiana Jones and the Hex of the Hydra — or, at least, does anyone want to see them sober?

(Shayne Wilson might; the Fringe assistant production coordinator gets his first starring role in Splash 7.)

I would totally watch Superman vs. Batman 2; I guess it's a sequel to the Superman vs. Batman that was on a Times Square billboard in I Am Legend.


(Via DoorQ)


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