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First a Batman suit, now a TARDIS. might be having too much fun with their latest line of men’s apparel.

The clothing company has released a line of licensed Doctor Who suits. The suits mostly feature the TARDIS and Dalek designs— although with a plethora of bow ties, for obvious reasons. Most of them are done in the company’s trademark “Secret Identity” style, meaning they look normal with a few nerdy touches. That way, you can keep your inner geek hidden until someone starts on why Clara was the best companion and you just can’t keep your opinions bottled up.


However, there’s also this glorious electric blue TARDIS getup, which is begging to be rejected as a potential best man tuxedo by at least 30 percent of 2017 brides. And if you were wondering if it’s bigger on the inside, the answer is... kind of? In any case, it sure is a hell of a lot more terrifying.

What am I looking at?

The TARDIS jacket is available for about $200, with the pants an additional $99. Sure, it might be a splurge, but given the number of TARDIS dresses out there, I’m glad that men can finally dress like an intergalactic police box. Men, your time has come to be bigger on the inside. #Finally.

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